IFL International Family Law Firm® is a firm specialized in family law and inheritance; the firm has developed extensive experience in cases dealing with international elements. The firm collaborates with Consulates and Embassies, and it has developed strong professional bonds with other law firms in other Countries to provide its clients with all the necessary support.


  • child adoption (and claims to the Court of Appeals in case of negative opinion by the Courthouse)
  • adult adoption
  • special adoption
  • foster care
  • international adoptions

Buy to Age

  • Also called “a home for a pension”, it is an effective alternative to the traditional mortgage and preserves the successor arrangements. It is a contractual process that ensures the son / daughter the opportunity to purchase a property with funding from the parent, whose return is tied to an insurance policy.

Unmarried couples

  • Cohabitation agreements regulating property relationships
  • Resolution of cohabitation agreements
  • Unilateral resolution of cohabitation agreements
  • Assignment of representation rights in the event of disease or death
  • Protection, legal guardianship, support administration in favour of the cohabitant
  • Succession of lease contracts
  • Family business
  • Personal rights damage
  • Trust to protect cohabitants

Document valid for going abroad

  • Spouses’ passport
  • Revocation of child’s passport
  • Revocation of spouses’ passport
  • Judicial authorization for the issuance of child’s passport (G.T.)

Marriage or civil partnership

  • support in conflict solution; preventing marriage or civil partnership dissolution
  • support in couple crisis management: our professionals work in strict collaboration with experts (psychologists and psychiatrists) to develop solutions to different kinds of problems (i.e. couples therapy, individual or group family psychotherapy, arbitration…)
  • Consensual separation and divorce: professionals provide parents with full assistance, starting from the introductive phase, supporting the identification of adequate protection solutions for children, the definition of strategies to safeguard assets, and the negotiation phase with the counterparts
  • Judicial separation and divorce: professionals provide parents with full support along all the steps of the legal action, relying also on a network of highly qualified partners (e.g. detectives, tax consultants, specialist consultants…)
  • Civil partnership dissolution
  • Gender reassignment
  • Nullity and annulment of marriage or civil partnership
  • Assisted negotiation separation or divorce
  • Separation and divorce in front of the Mayor
  • Assistance in cases of violation of the obligations deriving from separation or divorce
  • Assistance in the modification of the conditions of the separation or divorce
  • Modification and/or integration of the name or of the surname, and maintenance of marital surname
  • Transcription of foreign marriages
  • Property regimes for international families
  • Personal regime for international families
  • Child custody matters

IVF and surrogacy

  • Assistance in civil or criminal legal actions


  • Assistance in children’s recognition and reputation proceedings, as well as in filing of objections regarding recognition for lack of veracity.


  • Marriage nullity and annulment
  • Canonical nullity of the marriage
  • Exequatur of the clerical judgements
  • Transcription of foreign marriage
  • Transcription of Italian marriage in foreign countries

Addition/replacement of name and surname

  • Change of surname

Fund assets

  • Trust operations


  • Privacy/confidentiality matters
  • Protection of image rights
  • Personal rights damages

Domestic crimes

  • Support in different types of criminal legal actions (domestic violence, stalking, child support, private violence and other related actions)
  • Orders of protection, civil and criminal, also at EU level (i.e. removal order)
  • Compensation for damages caused within the family or to family members, and in particular: compensation in favour of a child born out of wedlock; compensation for damages deriving from the charge of the separation; compensation for damages deriving from domestic violence; stalking…)
  • Child abduction (both on national and international level): actions in Italy and research operations of child abroad

Debt collection

  • Recovery of debts for alimony or other obligations
  • Precautionary actions to defend obligations


  • Inheritance assets
  • disinheritance
  • Recovery of assets belonging to the succession axis
  • Support in drawing up of last will and testaments
  • Support in drawing up the biological will (advanced declaration of personal willingness on the type of therapies to be subject to in case of loss of awareness; tissues and organs transplants; cremation and disposition of remains)
  • Acceptance or rejection of inheritance
  • Recovery of assets not included in the will
  • Will implementation
  • Inheritance breakdown
  • Protection of legitimate heirs
  • European inheritance
  • Donations between spouses, children, donations within the bound of marriage, life tenant rights donations
  • Donations nullification

Protection of minors

  • Child discomfort: our professionals are supported by specialists in dealing with issues concerning minors and childhood neuro-psychiatrists in the development of different solutions for different problems
  • Child custody and placement
  • Parental responsibility
  • Expatriation of minors
  • International child abduction
  • Administration of underage child properties
  • Trusts
  • Donations to minors
  • Inheritances pertaining to minors
  • Protection of orphaned children
  •  Underage child asset management

Vulnerable people

  • AdS (Support Administration), protection and guardianship; these institutions give subjects who partially or totally unable to defend their own interests (because of age, seniority, health status) the instruments to guarantee their personal and financial protection