IFL International Family Law Firm® specializes in family law and inheritance; the firm has developed extensive experience in cases dealing with international elements. The firm collaborates with Consulates and Embassies, and it has developed strong professional bonds with law firms in other Countries to provide its clients with all the necessary support.

avvocato Francesca Maria Zanasi - Specializzata in diritto della famiglia e delle successioni

I.F.L. founder

Francesca Maria Zanasi

Specialized in family law and inheritance.
Expert in finding property assets pertaining to the inheritance but not included in the succession.
Expert in prenuptial agreements and cohabitation agreements.
Provides professional support to civil parties in criminal procedures for stalking and domestic violence.
Lecturer at masters and professional-specialist courses.
She is a co-founder of the Camera Minorile, the Juvenile Chambers of Milan; she sits in the board of Child Prority, a private foundation supported by Condé Nast Publications.
Ms. Zanasi is particularly competent in premarital agreements and cohabitation agreements.
She provides assistance to civil parties in criminal proceedings for stalking and domestic violence.
She is also a teacher and editor of refresher courses for Universities and specialized publishers.
Author of contributions for specialized publications like Giuffré Editore and Wolters Kluwer, Ms. Zanasi is a long standing contributor for the newspaper La Stampa and the Italian edition of Vanity Fair (particularly, she is editor for the online edition blog “Till love do you part” on family law).
Since the beginning of her career she has provided legal assistance in family planning clinics in Milan. This long experience translates into an in-depth knowledge of the needs and social problems of the Lombard capital.

Francesca Maria Zanasi – columns and publications


Alberto Figone

Alberto Figone, Supreme Court lawyer, is a member of the A.I.A.F. National Executive Council (Italian Association of Family and Minors Lawyers) and for its local branch in the Liguria Region. He is a member of the editorial staff of the “Rivista”, published by A.I.A.F., and scientific Director of the School of Education A.I.A.F.

Raffaella Pini

Raffaella Pini is a lawyer; she graduated with honors in law at the University of Milan, with a dissertation on the protection of the female spouse in Anglo-Saxon law.

Virginia Dentici

Virginia Dentici is a lawyer, graduated with honors from University of Palermo Law School with a thesis on Juvenile Criminal Law with Professor Giovanni Fiandaca.

Francesco Valori

Francesco Valori graduated from Università Commerciale Bocconi Law School with a thesis on criminal law and new technologies.


I.F.L. ®

I.F.L. International Family Law Firm® represents a team of highly skilled professionals, with outstanding competences and proven expertise on family laws and inheritances.
Young professionals interested in developing an expertise in these practice areas are supported with pro-bono class lessons and field experiences.

If you are interested in being affiliated to the IFL network you may send your Curriculum Vitae; all professional profiles will be evaluated and the selected ones will be invited to an interview with the firm’s founder.
A high school degree in classical studies and 110/110 graduation rate are required.


I.F.L. International Family Law Firm® collaborates with Consulates and Embassies worldwide for the resolution of family law and inheritance law cases that present international implications and has become a reference point for providing updates on the regulations that may be applied under the laws of both European and International countries.
The following template can help understanding the mechanism through which jurisdiction, scope and the applicable law are determined in cases of family law with elements of internationality.


The firm can count on a network of leading law firms and experts all over the World.

I.F.L. International Family Law Firm specializes in family law and inheritance; the firm has developed relevant experience in cases characterized by international elements.